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Why Bitkub AI

Choose our experienced team, well-versed in handling large-scale projects and understanding the perspective of users, not just the technical aspect. Our team is dedicated to providing continuous support, ensuring your operations run smoothly. Our dedication to high customer service satisfaction and stringent security measures underscore our commitment to protecting your data. We go beyond being just a software provider; we aim to be a trusted partner, fully understanding and catering to your needs from the user's viewpoint.

Age of AI

Leveraging the latest AI technology, we provide tailored enterprise solutions for SMEs and enterprises that precisely meet your unique business needs. Our team closely collaborates with you to understand your specific objectives and challenges, and then crafts a bespoke, AI-optimized solution. This streamlined approach enables you to boost productivity, improve operational efficiency, and stay ahead in the digital transformation race.



We understand that every business has its unique language, tone, and mode of operation. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to train your AI not just to understand and process data, but to do so in a way that matches your preferred tone of communication and choice of words. Engage with us to tailor your AI systems to your business's unique voice and identity.


Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, this feature deciphers and responds to your queries about the document, creating an intuitive and interactive experience just like a conversational partner. This intelligent feature not only aids in swift information extraction but also significantly reduces manual effort and time spent on document analysis. As a result, you can enjoy a seamless, efficient, and more productive workflow as your documents become more accessible and responsive to your needs.

  • Text Summarization
  • Document Translation
  • Entity Extraction (Tagging)
  • Q&A with your document

Embrace the Power of Multi-Brain

Our Multi-Brain solution provides you with an effective way to segregate data sources into distinct databases, such as finance and legal databases, ensuring an added layer of data security. The distinguishing factor lies in our user-friendly backend, equipped with a drag-and-drop feature, facilitating effortless integration across different teams. This results in seamless data access, improving interdepartmental collaboration while maintaining the utmost data integrity. With Multi-Brain, experience a new realm of secure, easy, and efficient data management.


Our Multi-Channel Integration service embodies the need for flexibility and accessibility, enabling you to utilize our services across multiple channels seamlessly. Be it a desktop application, a mobile app, or a web platform, our service is designed to integrate smoothly, ensuring that you have access to our cutting-edge solutions wherever you are, whenever you need.

  • Web chat
  • LINE
  • Discord etc.


Our function call solution empowers you to perform actions effortlessly on external services. We bridge the gap between your business and other essential services, streamlining interactions and fostering productive engagements.

  • Set up meetings (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc.)
  • Visualize data in a dashboard
  • Image processing

Address Your Business Challenges with Bitkub AI

Data Source Management

Build your own chat

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  • Train your own data by ChatGPT
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